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British Court

Do Not Let The Fear Of Court Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

For many people in the UK the inside of a courtroom prompts fear and concern about what may lie ahead. When you bear in mind the impression we are given of the stereotypical courtroom on the TV, as a harsh and unwelcoming arena, this is perhaps to be understood.

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings with regards to courtrooms in the UK which need to be addressed. As an example, the majority of TV programmes in the UK which involve a courtroom show a judge aggressively banging down with his gavel to get the attention of the room. Read more

Summer Holiday

We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

As we move into spring and head towards the summer many people will be thinking of their overseas summer holidays and time away from work.

There are obviously many aspects to consider when booking a holiday but for some people personal injury claims will come into play through no fault of their own. Read more

How Much

A Glimpse Into The World Of Personal Injury Compensation Claims

If you delve a little deeper into the world of personal injury compensation claims it is a very difficult world to understand. Some of the figures awarded to successful claimants seem exceptionally high while others seem minimal for the type of injuries incurred. Read more

Snowy Pavement

Snow And Ice And Personal Injury Claims

As the temperatures fall around the UK the number of personal injury claims is expected to rise. Historically snowy and icy roads and paths have led to significant injuries many of which end up in the courts. Some of the journeys we take for granted can become extremely treacherous when snow and ice are added to the mix. Read more


Common Concerns About Starting A Work Injury Claim

It is sometimes easy to forget that each employer has an obligation for the safety of their staff and customers. Personal injury claims in the workplace can be a difficult subject to discuss because those who have suffered personal injury while at work are often scared to take the matter further. This is understandable, especially with a difficult employment market, but there are a number of issues to take into consideration. Read more

Marketing Strategy

Where There’s Blame There’s A Claim – The Best Or Worst Marketing Strategy Of All Time?

Whichever way you look at it there is no doubt that the marketing slogan “Where there’s blame there’s a claim” cast the personal injury market into the spotlight.

At a time when the industry was relatively small in the UK this opened the eyes of many to potential negligence claims. Read more

Helmet Cam

Guide To Choosing (And Buying) A Helmet Camera

A good helmet camera can cost as much as £500. Despite this relatively high price, sales of helmet cams have soared over the last few years. While cyclists previously bought helmet cams to record their ride for fun reasons, today’s sales are spurred by more sombre reasons – the rising number of road accidents that leave cyclists seriously injured. Read more

Helmet Camera

Can Footage From A Helmet Camera Be Used In Court?

A helmet camera offers cyclists a hands-free way to capture their ride so they can re-live some of the more exciting moments over and over again. It’s amazing what you can record when you are cycling around, whether it is freewheeling through a vast expanse of open land or battling your way through traffic on busy city streets. Read more

Fire Hazard

11 Months To Repair Fire Hazard Tumble Dryers

After numerous reports of fires breaking out due to faulty tumble dryers, investigations were carried out to determine if there was anything common between the various incidents. These investigations revealed that most of the fires were associated with two types of tumble dryers in particular. One was the condensing dryer and the second was the large air vented dryer. Read more

Dash Cam Guide

Guide To Choosing And Buying A Dash Cam

Previously seen only in police cars, dashboard cameras have now become a common sight even in non-police vehicles. At first it started off as an interesting way to capture the drive as it unfolded on adventure drives in the wilderness, while racing or during motor cross rallies. Eventually, drivers realised how dash cams could also act as an invaluable insurance policy in case of an accident. Read more