Office Accident Claims

Although one might not expect an office to be a hazardous working environment, accidents and injuries do happen which can lead to office accident claims being started.

Most offices in the UK are modern spaces with multiple safety features incorporated within their design to enhance worker safety. These are not workplaces that would strike anyone as being dangerous to work in. However, despite all of these precautions, office workers still suffer injuries everyday. In many cases these accidents were caused by factors that could have been prevented.

According to health and safety regulations, employers are required to ensure their employees safety. That means they are legally required to protect the health and safety of their workers in the working environment. This includes putting measures in place to ensure that the office is risk-free and their employees are protected from anything that could potentially cause them any injury or harm in an office accident.

If you were injured in an office accident that was caused due to somebody else’s negligence or mistake, and if the accident was preventable if only the proper precautions were taken, you may have a good case to claim for compensation.

Common Office Accidents

Accidents that happen in offices are quite different from those that occur on high-risk workplaces such as construction sites, mines and oil rigs. Nonetheless, these accidents sometimes cause grievous injuries that could have an adverse effect on your quality of life. Some of these office accidents could also cause permanent disability.

These are some of the more common office accidents:

  • Trips and falls that result from boxes and files lying on the floor, torn carpeting or unsecured electrical cables strewn around.
  • Slips caused due to wet flooring or liquid spillage that is not wiped up.
  • Electrical shock due to faulty insulation on PCs, fax machines, photocopiers or shredders.
  • Heavy objects falling from a height.
  • Burns from coming in contact with very hot metal parts.
  • Sprain or strain from lifting, pushing or pulling heavy items in the office or from trying to reach something placed at great height without a proper ladder.
  • Diseases caused by exposure to toxic substances such as carbon monoxide poisoning caused by exposure to dangerous fumes at work or mesothelioma that is caused by asbestos exposure.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from spending long periods of time performing repetitive typing movements.
  • Workstation injuries are often overlooked but the damage they cause can be substantial and disabling. Workstation injuries may result from working for long periods of time in a cramped space, wrongful placement of a desktop computer, badly designed office chairs that promote poor posture and eye strain from poor lighting.

What You Should Do Following An Office Accident

If you are injured in any of the above mentioned office accidents, there are a few things you can do to help support your office accident claim.

The first thing you must do is file a formal report in your company’s log book for recording accidents and office injuries. If your company does not have a log book, write down a report and submit it to the appropriate office or to your direct supervisor. Make sure you get their signature to confirm that you have filed an office accident report.

If you are badly injured, get medical help immediately. Keep a record of the doctor’s diagnosis and prescription as well as a record of all tests that you were required to take. These will help you establish the facts of the case and help you file a stronger office accident in your favour.

Also keep a record of all medical expenses as you are entitled to get compensated for all expenses related to your treatment. This includes transportation to and from the hospital.

Make a note of any colleagues and office workers who may have witnessed the incident so they can be called upon to testify on your behalf if need be.

Contact our experienced work accident personal injury solicitors by calling 0800 652 1345 who are ready to represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

How a ‘No Win No Fee’ Agreement Works

A No Win No Fee agreement essentially means that if our solicitor does not win the case, you do not have to pay any legal fees.

Here’s how ‘No Win No Fee’ works:

Our in house personal injury solicitors will speak with you during a totally free initial consultation. You should make the most of this opportunity by submitting as much information as possible about the exact cause of the office accident and your doctor’s diagnosis and recommended treatment. This way we can safely establish if you have a good chance of compensation and how much compensation for an office accident we are likely to claim for.

If your case is weak, we may advise you not to pursue it any further, however that doesn’t prevent you from contacting other legal firms for their opinions. If you indeed have what we conclude is a solid case, the personal injury solicitor we assign for your office accident claim will agree to work for you on a No Win No Fee or Conditional Fee basis. Because of this agreement, you do not pay any fee upfront. You only pay what you and our solicitor have agreed to once the case is won. For more information please read this page.

After the agreement is signed, we will collect all of the evidence necessary to build your office injury claim including the doctor’s diagnosis, witness statements and the incident report. Once all the evidence is gathered and the information has been put together, your claim will be filed in court.

How Much Compensation For An Office Accident?

Office Accident ClaimThe exact factors you may be entitled to claim for your office accident and injury will vary depending on the circumstances which is the main reason we advise speaking with us directly to allow us to factor everything in and provide a good estimation. In general however you will be able to claim office accident compensation for the following:

  • Medical treatment for the physical injuries.
  • Mental and emotional trauma.
  • Cost of travel between home and hospital.
  • The cost of structural changes made to the home or vehicle to accommodate the injury.The cost of hiring professional help to care for you at home.
  • Loss of income due to inability to go to work because of the injury.

Concerns Regarding Filing An Office Accident Claim Against Your Employer

Office workers are often hesitant to file an injury claim against their employer even if they know they have a right to, for fear that they may lose their perks such as bonuses or promotions or even lose their job. This is the last thing you should need to worry about.

When you file an office accident claim against any employer in a UK office, you are in fact not creating an issue with your employer itself but with your employer’s insurance company. If you win your office accident claim, it is the insurance company that will have to honour the court’s decision and make the payout to you.  Moreover, it is against the law for any business to discriminate against employers who have made office accident claims, so call us today for more information.

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