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Brow Lift Claims – How Much Compensation For Surgical Negligence?

Brow lifts are one of the simplest cosmetic procedures that are often used to reduce wrinkles and lines in the forehead (or brow) to make patients look younger. While the brow lift procedure is quite straightforward, things can go wrong that could lead to both physical and psychological suffering. If you are suffering because of a botched brow lift, you could be entitled to compensation.

If you are considering claiming compensation for a brow lift gone wrong, our team can help. They’ll guide you through the claims process during a no-obligation telephone consultation. You’ll receive free legal advice and your options will be explained as well. A specialist solicitor from our team could be asked to represent you if your claim appears to be strong enough. If they agree to work for you, their work will be conducted on a No Win No Fee basis. That means you can relax during the claims process knowing that you’ll only pay the agreed fee if you are awarded compensation.

If you’d like to start a brow lift compensation claim today, please call us on 0800 652 1345. Alternatively, please read through this article to learn how the claims process works.

Can I claim compensation for injury from a brow lift procedure?

In cosmetic negligence claims, you’ll need to prove two main points:

  1. Here you’ll need to show that the brow lift surgeon treated you at a standard that fell below what you could reasonably expect from a qualified practitioner. This is also referred to as breach of duty.
  2. Additionally, you’ll need to be able to prove that any injury you are claiming compensation for was caused as a direct consequence of the surgeon’s negligence.

Our solicitors specialise in law rather than cosmetic surgery. As such, they will need to call upon independent medical experts to assess whether your surgeon was negligent. Generally, this is done by assessing whether, given the same conditions, they would’ve treated you in the same way that your surgeon did. If they disagree with how any part of your brow lift was performed, your solicitor could decide to proceed with a brow lift compensation claim.

The brow lift procedure

There are a few ways in which brow lifts can be performed. You should be assessed prior to treatment and the method that will be used should be explained. Generally, though, brow lifts involve incisions being made into the hairline. The brow is then lifted to tighten any muscles and loose skin. Excess fatty tissue may also be removed during brow lift surgery. The procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthetic.

Typical side effects of brow lift surgery include swelling and bruising in the upper eyelid or forehead that may take a few weeks to heal.

Generally, brow lift procedures are performed by private cosmetic surgeons. However, the NHS may perform these or similar procedures to help resolve some sight problems.

What can go wrong with brow lift surgery?

Aside from the normal side effects of brow lift surgery, other problems can occur. These could result in long-term psychological and physical suffering. If they have occurred due to brow lift surgery negligence, you might be eligible for compensation. The types of problems that can result from brow lifts include:

  • Asymmetric eyebrows.
  • Visible scars (that should usually be hidden by your hair).
  • Nerve damage.
  • Infections.
  • Reduced eyebrow movement.
  • Numbness above the eyebrows.

Even though there are known risks with most cosmetic procedures, you shouldn’t have to deal with problems caused by surgical negligence. If you believe you’ve got a valid brow lift injury claim, call our team now to discuss your options.

What mistakes by a brow lift surgeon could lead to a compensation claim?

So, what types of negligence during brow lift surgery might lead to a compensation claim? Some examples include:

  • If you were not made aware of the associated risks of brow lift surgery before you agreed to the procedure.
  • Where the wrong equipment or procedures were used during surgery.
  • If poor advice was given regarding aftercare.
  • The standard of treatment performed was below the expected standard.
  • Where you were overpromised the outcome that would be achieved following surgery.

As we mentioned earlier, proving both negligence and causation is important in brow lift negligence claims. As such, a little later on, we’ll explain what proof you could supply to help your solicitor fight your corner.

Would I be compensated if I’ve signed a waiver?

Some people don’t claim after failed cosmetic surgery because they’ve signed a waiver. However, these forms do not prevent you from claiming for injuries caused by negligence. Instead, they are designed to confirm that you were aware of any known risks and to explain what brow lift treatment you are receiving.

If you still have a copy of your consent form, you should give it to your solicitor if you decide to claim. The information within it can be checked to see if it was accurate or misleading which could help with your claim.

How much compensation for a botched brow lift could I claim?

Whether you’re claiming against the NHS or a private medical company, the basis for any settlement will usually start with general damages compensation. This is where the pain caused by your injuries is covered. Then you’ll move on to special damages to claim back any financial impact your injuries have caused.

While each case is unique, brow lift claims might include compensation to cover:

  • The pain and suffering your injuries caused following negligent treatment.
  • Any psychiatric harm caused by embarrassment, depression or distress.
  • Lost income if your injuries prevented you from going to work while you recovered.
  • The cost of private treatment to remedy your injuries.
  • Care costs if somebody had to support you while you were recovering.
  • The cost of fuel or transport fares linked to medical appointments (or similar).

You should take time to consider exactly how you’ve suffered before filing a brow lift claim. This is important as you can’t request any extra compensation after you’ve settled. If your claim is accepted by a solicitor from our panel, they’ll review your case in fine detail in an attempt to secure the maximum level of compensation possible.

To see what could be included in your brow lift compensation claim, call 0800 652 1345 today.

Providing proof for a brow lift compensation claim

When you file your claim, the hospital or surgeon you claim against will usually send it to their insurance company. No matter how straightforward you believe your case is, they won’t compensate you unless there’s adequate evidence to prove that your suffering was caused by the insurer’s client (the hospital/surgeon). As such, you’ll need to supply as much proof as possible. For brow lift claims, this could include:

  • Photographic proof. You should take pictures of your visible injuries regularly during your recovery. Ideally, you should use a timestamp feature if your phone has one to prove when the photos were taken. Supplying photographs of your face and forehead before treatment might also help.
  • Correspondance. You should keep any sales materials, contracts, waivers, emails or letters you have received regarding your brow lift treatment. These could be used as evidence to support your case as good any responses you’ve received if you complained about the outcome of your surgery.
  • Witness statements. Your solicitor might ask anybody who was with you during your consultation to provide a statement of what was said. Additionally, they might ask friends or family to explain how you’ve been affected by your injuries.
  • Medical records. It’s possible to obtain copies of your medical records to help support your case. These could relate to your surgery or for any treatment you required to rectify your injuries. These records could be used to help demonstrate the extent of your injuries.
  • Your own diary. During the claims process, you’ll be asked to explain how you’ve suffered. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a diary. This could detail when you had to have time off work or miss family events because you were injured. Similarly, you could keep a record of any costs you incurred during your recovery too.

If you decide to contact our advisors, any proof you have collected will be reviewed during your free consultation. Based on the outcome of the call, we could partner you with a cosmetic negligence solicitor and ask them to start working on your claim.

Will I have to have a medical assessment?

Any form of medical negligence claim will almost certainly mean you need to be assessed by an independent medical expert. Brow lift compensation claims are no different. Our solicitors can usually book a local appointment so you won’t need to travel too far to be seen.

During your meeting, the specialist will review your medical notes and examine the current state of your injuries. Then you’ll both discuss how you’ve been affected since you sustained the injuries.

Once the meeting has concluded, both parties in the claim will be forwarded the medical assessment report. It will explain what injuries you’ve sustained and offer a prognosis for the future.

What’s the time limit for making a brow lift compensation claim?

Importantly, any type of cosmetic injury claim is bound by a 3-year time limit. Usually, your limitation period will start from the date you were injured or when you found out about your injuries. The latter might be true if you didn’t realise there was a problem until your bandages were removed.

While 3-years is quite a long time, we believe it’s best to begin the claims process as quickly as you can. That should mean you’ll find it easier to remember what went wrong and how you were affected. Also, it will allow plenty of time for medical reports and supporting evidence to be collected.

No Win No Fee negligence claims

We believe that you have a better chance of making a successful brow lift negligence claim if you use a specialist solicitor. In fact, we also believe you could end up with more compensation. However, we do realise that many are put off from hiring a solicitor because of the associated costs.

For that reason, our solicitors all provide a No Win No Fee service. That means that they can begin working on your claim right away without an upfront payment if your case is accepted.

To allow them to work in this way, you’ll be required to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This will set out the criteria that must be met before you need to pay for your solicitor’s work.

If your claim is won, a percentage of your compensation called a success fee will be deducted from your compensation. You won’t pay the success fee if you are not compensated. By law, the maximum you’ll pay when using a CFA is 25% of your compensation.

To see if you’re able to use a No Win No Fee solicitor for your claim, please call today.

Start a brow lift compensation claim today

Our team is ready to help if you’ve decided to move forward and take action. To start today, all you need to do is call us on 0800 652 1345, or arrange a callback here. An advisor will guide you through the process and review your claim on a no-obligation basis. If you have a reasonable chance of success, we’ll ask a solicitor from our team to take over.

For more information on brow lift compensation claims, please use live chat to talk to an advisor.

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