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Road Accident Scam

Protecting Yourself From Road Accident Scams

While the authorities have instigated a serious clampdown upon fraudulent personal injury claims they are still a big problem. There are certain types of claims, such as whiplash, which are often difficult to dispute and tend to be settled out of court to save costs.

In many ways the hardest hit victims of fraudulent personal injury claims are those who are over trusting of other people. So, how can you avoid being the victim of a fraudulent road accident personal injury claim? Read more

Uninsured Drivers

Personal Injury Claims And Uninsured Drivers

We can only estimate the number of people driving on UK roads without insurance but the Motor Insurers Bureau believes there are more than 1 million uninsured drivers in the UK. The issue has been further complicated by European freedom of movement regulations and confusion as to what kind of cover and license are required to drive in the UK. So, what can you do if you are injured by an uninsured driver or one who leaves the scene of an accident? Read more

Traffic Accident

Who Should Take Responsibility After A Traffic Accident?

The likelihood is that the majority of us at some point in our lives will be involved in a car accident which could be a major or a minor prang. These situations can be highly emotional, many of us will not be thinking straight and we may end up saying things which we regret. There are obviously many things to take into account which we will cover below but the main thing is to try and remain calm and initially keep your thoughts to yourself. Read more