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Laser Hair Removal Burns Compensation Claims

Laser hair removal has become popular because it removes unwanted hair for many months or even years. Whilst many people are happy with the outcome, laser hair removal can go wrong. Specifically, negligent laser hair removal can lead to burns that can cause permanent scarring. This guide on claiming compensation for laser hair removal burns will show you when you could claim damages for the suffering you’ve endured.

If you’re the victim of botched laser hair removal, contact us today for a free initial consultation. A specialist advisor will look at what happened and offer free legal advice on what you may want to do next. If the claim is suitable, we could appoint a personal injury lawyer from our panel to help you. They manage all accepted claims on a No Win, No Fee basis so you’ll only pay their fees if you are awarded a compensation payout.

Ready to begin a laser hair removal burn claim today? If so, please call us on 0800 652 1345. Alternatively, please read on to learn more about your options before calling.

What is a laser hair removal procedure?

Laser hair removal is a process where concentrated beams of light or intense pulsed light (IPL) is used to heat and destroy hair follicles in the skin. The damage to the hair follicles reduces hair growth in the future but laser hair removal is not permanent. As such, the procedure may need to be repeated a few times a year to maintain the results.

When laser hair removal is carried out, a soothing gel is applied to the skin. Then a handheld device is passed over the area where the hair is to be removed and a laser is activated to burn the hair follicles.

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost any part of the body. Some of the most common forms of treatment include:

  • Hair removal from the face.
  • Bikini line hair removal.
  • Back and chest hair removal.
  • Underarm hair removal.
  • Leg hair removal
  • Arm hair removal.

According to the government, those using IPL or lasers solely to carry out cosmetic procedures do not need to register with the Care Quality Commission but may need to apply for a licence to operate from the relevant local authority.

What can go wrong with laser hair removal?

While many people suffer minor side effects following laser hair removal, there is a risk of more serious problems when laser hair removal goes wrong. They can include:

  • Temporary or permanent scarring.
  • Blistering or crusting of the skin.
  • Soreness and swelling.
  • Redness and skin irritation.
  • Skin burns.
  • Skin tenderness.
  • Severe skin sensitivity.

As well as these physical symptoms, anybody injured following negligent laser hair removal could suffer psychiatric problems including embarrassment or anxiety.

Can I claim compensation for laser hair removal burns?

As with other forms of cosmetic surgery compensation claims, a solicitor from our panel could help you to claim for botched laser hair removal burns. However, before taking on your claim, they’ll review whether there’s a realistic chance of success by checking whether:

  • The practitioner or beauty therapist owed you a duty of care; and
  • The practitioner or beauty therapist acted negligently; and
  • You suffered laser hair removal burns or other conditions as a result of that negligence.

Generally, if you’re paying to have laser hair removal, you will be owed a legal duty of care, so you needn’t worry about this too much. Effectively, the duty of care will mean that the right procedures and correct equipment must be used to treat you and that the practitioner must try to keep you as safe as possible.

Of course, proving what went wrong and that the practitioner was negligent can be challenging. Without proof to show what they did was wrong, it could simply be a case of your word against theirs. For that reason, we’ll look at the types of proof your solicitor might present to support your claim later on.

If you believe that you should be compensated for burns from laser hair removal, call our team to discuss your options today.

What types of negligence can cause burns from laser hair removal?

As mentioned in the previous section, you can only claim for problems caused by laser hair removal if they resulted from the practitioner’s negligence. Some examples of negligence that could allow for a claim include:

  • If your skin condition was not assessed prior to treatment.
  • Where you were not informed about the risks associated with laser hair removal treatment.
  • If the laser was used for too long or at too high a setting.
  • Where your treatment was carried out by a practitioner who had not been fully trained.
  • Where the laser tool used in hair removal was poorly maintained, faulty or damaged.
  • Failure to follow safety protocols meant to minimise the risk of burn injuries.

If any of the above has caused you to suffer burns from a laser hair treatment, you could be entitled to compensation for your suffering. We’re here to help, so please feel free to call us today.

Does a waiver stop me from suing for compensation?

It’s quite common for people to think that they can’t be compensated if they’ve signed a consent form or waiver before laser hair removal. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’ve been injured in such a procedure because the practitioner or beauty salon was negligent, you are fully entitled to start a personal injury claim even if you’ve signed a waiver. The waiver simply acts as proof that you were aware of what’s involved with the procedure and that you were happy to proceed.

If you still have a copy of the form, please let your solicitor have a copy so that the wording can be checked for errors.

How much compensation for burns from laser hair removal can I Claim?

If you sue a beauty salon or a laser hair removal clinic for burns and are awarded compensation, the settlement is designed to compensate you for the suffering you’ve endured (general damages) plus any financial costs (special damages) linked to your burns.

While no two laser hair removal burn claims are the same, in principle, a successful claim could include compensation to cover:

  • The physical discomfort, pain and suffering caused by your burns.
  • Any embarrassment, distress or other forms of psychiatric suffering.
  • Any of your usual activities that your injuries stopped you from participating in.
  • Lost earnings. Future losses may be claimed if your injuries affect your long-term earning capacity.
  • Medical expenses – including treatment for burns or scarring at a private hospital in some cases.
  • Travel costs.
  • Care costs if you were supported by someone else whilst injured.
  • Replacement costs for items of clothing or other items damaged during your treatment.

If your case is taken on by a solicitor on our panel, they’ll go through everything in detail with you to build as comprehensive a claim as possible.

Providing proof for a laser hair removal burn claim

When you sue a beauty salon or a laser hair removal clinic, the owner will usually hand the case over to their insurance company. As you may already know, insurers don’t like to pay compensation unless they really have to. That means that your solicitor will need to present enough proof to show how you’ve suffered and how the beauty practitioner was negligent.

The sort of proof you could use includes:

  • Medical reports. It is important to have laser hair removal burns assessed and treated by a medical professional to reduce the risk of long-term suffering. Medical records from your GP or the hospital you visited could be used to prove how serious your burns were.
  • Photos. If you’ve experienced burns or scars from laser hair removal, it’s advisable to take photos of any noticeable injuries. These photos can be used alongside your medical records to help establish the extent of the harm caused.
  • Correspondence. You could use any leaflets, emails or texts you received before your treatment or after you complained about the results. As discussed earlier, you could also give your solicitor a copy of your consent form.
  • Witness statements. If you took a friend or family member with you to the laser hair removal clinic, they will be asked to provide a statement of what they heard and saw
  • CCTV footage. If the salon or clinic you were treated in has CCTV footage, you are legally allowed to ask for any relevant footage. Bear in mind, though, that the data might be deleted within a matter of weeks so you should act quickly.
  • Financial records. Bank statements, wage slips, benefit statements and receipts could all be used to help recoup any expenses you’ve endured because of your injuries.

To find out if there’s enough proof to support your claim, call our team today. If you are represented by one of our solicitors, they’ll work hard to find the information needed to substantiate your claim.

 No Win, No Fee claims

It is our belief that having a personal injury solicitor on your side when claiming for laser hair removal burns compensation will improve your chances of winning. It should also make the claim less stressful and could mean you’re paid a higher settlement amount if the claim is won.

To reduce your stress levels and financial risk further, our panel of solicitors offer a No Win, No Fee service for all claims they handle.

If you decide to make a claim, your solicitor will forward you a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) to read and sign. Once you have done so, work on your claim will begin right away.

Your solicitor will manage everything for you so you won’t need to answer any difficult medical or legal questions from the defendant’s representatives directly. Throughout the process, your solicitor will keep you up to date and review any settlement offers with you before they are accepted. In all cases, your solicitor will aim to win the highest possible settlement figure.

When using a CFA to fund your claim, you:

  • Won’t pay legal fees in advance.
  • Don’t have to pay your solicitor if they lose your case.
  • Will have a success fee deducted to cover legal fees if the claim is won.

Please call today to discuss a No Win, No Fee laser hair removal burns compensation claim.

Laser hair removal burn claim time limits

There is a 3-year time limit for lodging a laser hair removal burn claim in the UK. The time limit will usually start on the date the burns were caused. However, in cases where the symptoms of a laser hair removal burn don’t appear until days after the treatment, the time limit may start from when your doctor diagnosed the burns.

Your solicitor will have a few tasks to do before the claim is filed with the defendant so it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as you’re able to do so to avoid running out of time to make your claim.

Start a laser hair removal burn compensation claim today

We can help if you’ve suffered burns following laser hair removal. By calling our team on 0800 652 1345, they’ll review your claim for free, provide free advice and consider your chances of being compensated.

If there’s a realistic chance of winning your claim, a solicitor from our panel may agree to represent you. If they do, the whole claims process will be managed on a No Win, No Fee basis so you’ll only pay legal fees if compensation is awarded.

You can also discuss laser hair removal burn compensation claims via our live chat service so please feel free to get in touch or arrange a free consultation here if you prefer.

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