Claiming For Injuries Due To Bus Accident

With highly trained drivers and stringent maintenance and safety regulations in place, bus travel in the UK is relatively safe and accident-free. However, inclement weather, bad roads and other rash drivers on the road combined with crowded buses, standing bus passengers and the lack of seatbelts create conditions that contribute to bus accidents.

If you suffer a personal injury while travelling on a bus or coach, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

Who Do You Claim Against?

As a passenger in the bus, there is no doubt that you are an innocent party in the accident. On the other hand, the negligent party may not necessarily be the bus driver either. Who the claim is made against will depend on the specific conditions that caused the accident.

  • If the driver of the bus was directly at fault for the accident due to careless or dangerous driving such as driving too fast around corners or braking too hard, you may be able to file a claim against the bus company. The bus company is also liable for any injuries that occur while getting on or off the bus, if the accident was due to the negligence of the driver. An example could be if the driver opened the door before the bus could come to a complete halt or shut it before you were completely inside the bus.
  • If the accident was caused because of a poorly maintained or dangerous highway, then your bus accident claim will be filed against local authorities who are responsible for road safety.
  • If another vehicle driver was at fault for the accident then the claim would be filed against the driver of that vehicle, in the same way you would claim if it was a regular car accident

How To Claim If You Were A Passenger In The Bus

One of the most distinctive factors in a bus accident is there is sure to be several other passengers in the bus who can act as witnesses on your behalf if you decide to make a bus accident compensation claim.

Another distinctive factor is that the bus company and driver are likely to be fully insured against most eventualities in case of an accident. This means, if you want to file a successful compensation claim for your bus related accident, it is absolutely crucial that you get professional help from an experienced personal injury lawyer who will know exactly which clause of the law to leverage in your particular case. You should really never try and file a bus accident compensation claim by yourself unless you are thoroughly conversant with all aspects of the personal injury law in the UK. Most lawyers operate on a no win no fee basis anyway so you know you have nothing to lose.
Bus accident

Making a Bus Accident Claim As Another Road User

You can also file for compensation against a bus accident if you were injured in a bus collision as a pedestrian or while waiting in a bus shelter or bus station.

It’s not only passengers in the bus or pedestrians who are injured when there is a bus accident. If a bus collided into your vehicle while you were driving, you may also be entitled to file a bus accident claim if you sustain any injuries in the collision. In this case, the procedures you need to follow are the same as in any road traffic accident.

In both of these cases, it is important to get the contact details of any witnesses to the accident, get as many photographs as you can of the accident scene and record as many details as you can recollect of the events that took place before and after the event.

Value Of Compensation Of A Bus Accident Injury

Irrespective of how many passengers, pedestrians or drivers are injured in the same bus accident, it is important to note that each case is considered separately with regards to compensation. The value of the compensation you can expect to receive for an injury in a bus accident will be determined by the extent of your injures and any loss of income as well as medical expenses that you have had to incur because of those injuries.

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