News relating to the personal injury industry.

Paradigm Shift

Further Fallout From UK Governments Personal Injury Regulation Changes

Despite the fact that the UK government had previously been warned by insurers, and those representing potential personal injury victims, we have seen more fallout from recent regulatory changes. There is no doubt that the personal injury claims market was in need of a review but the severity of the changes and the unexpected announcements have certainly had a big impact upon the sector. So, why is there so much anger about the UK government’s personal injury claims regulation changes? Read more

Compensation Money

Government Announces Changes To The Personal Injury Claims Market

The UK government has recently announced an array of changes to the way in which personal injury claims will be dealt with going forward. Many in the industry are now up in arms claiming that the changes will dramatically increase their costs which will ultimately be passed on to customers.

While many in the personal injury claims market were readying themselves for significant changes, who could have forecast how far the UK government was willing to go? Read more

Feeling Ill

UK Tour Operators Barred After Bogus Holiday Illness Claims Soar

Even though the authorities have done much to streamline the personal injury claims market, and try to rid the industry of bogus claims, there always seems to be a loophole somewhere. The main loophole tends to be the fact that relatively small claims, for example £5000, would cost significantly more to defend in court. Therefore, […]

NHS Compensation

Out Of Hours GPs Hit With £30 Million Compensation Bill

The NHS has been a conversation piece for many years now amid concerns that a lack of funding is starting to hit home. Despite the fact that government after government insist funding is “going up in real terms” there appear to be more challenges going forward. Read more


UK Government Personal Injury Reforms Could Be Counter-Productive

Over the last few years the UK government has attacked the culture of personal injury claims with “whiplash” now designated as code for fraud in some circles. When Liz Truss, the Justice Secretary, recently announced a consultation about further reforming the sector there were initial cries of joy from the insurance sector and howls of concern from the legal profession. Read more

Personal Injury Reforms

UK Government Backtracks On Personal Injury Claim Reform

In a move which surprised many in the legal profession and the insurance industry the UK Ministry of Justice has confirmed that previously announced personal injury reforms have been (temporarily at least?) scrapped. These reforms were announced by George Osborne during his tenure as Chancellor of the Exchequer and while they provoked an array of differing comments they were on the whole seen as a positive move. Read more

Small Claims

Road Accidents Down But Injury Claims Soar

According to recent research into the number of road accidents in the UK has cast a very interesting light on the personal injury market. Despite the fact that the number of road accidents has fallen by 40% during the last 15 years, the number of injury claims has increased by 89%. There are a number of reasons why claim figures have increased and there are a number of actions the authorities are taking to combat this. Read more

Small Claims

Examining The Government’s Proposal To Raise The Small Claims Limit

The government recently announced its proposal to raise the small claims limit for personal injury claims to £5,000. If this proposal goes ahead as planned, the increase from the current £1,000 is likely to have a major impact on the number of claims filed in the court by personal injury victims. Whiplash victims in particular will find it especially difficult to file a claim for compensation. Read more